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Embracing experience. And putting it down in words.

I'm Roger Rebetsky, the double R in the brand. I pursue a doggedly audience-centric approach to every communication challenge, whether the solution ends up on the printed page, a website, a subway poster, or in a tweet or email. In pursuit of perspective and positioning for my clients, I've visited homeless shelters in LA; endured interrogation by various boards of directors; studied tombstones at the DuPont Family Cemetery; spent six days hiking a Utah desert canyon; and interviewed top web executives from Google, Yahoo!, Travelocity, Zappos, AOL, Sears, Fidelity Brokerage, and others.

I'm an associate member of the International Association of Digital Arts & Sciences, and in that capacity have been a judge for the International Webby Awards since 2009.

When I'm not on the clock, I spend my time growing organic food, tending a too-big flock of laying hens, enjoying travel and outdoor adventures with my extremely tolerant wife and beloved Australian shepherds, and proposing solutions to the world's most vexing problems to friends, family, and other unwitting passers-by.

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