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Creative Inspiration: Architecture

You see a lot of weird buildings from the architects featured in the media. But this year’s Pritzker prize-winner, Shigeru Ban, has a portfolio of inspired, fresh, and practical structures, including a number based on cardboard tubes, as in the cathedral above — an innovative material used to create innovative solutions for disaster-struck areas. An […]

Current Double R Brand projects:

  • Just completed and now live:  MyGreenMontgomery.org. IA consulting and content for Montgomery County's new green website. Working on: An editorial feature about websites in the "three-screen" world // Fundraising for the birthing center at Mercy Medical Center  // Ads and brochures for an international extended-stay lodging brand // A year's worth of direct response for a major healthcare client // Print and environmental advertising for a defense intelligence contractor (don't ask me more!) // Fundraising for Catholic organizations #


This is a blog for business people who need to communicate — so I think that covers just about all of you. The goal is that you'll find here a host of ideas, tips, and tricks to make you more productive, more effective, and occasionally, more entertained, all with the end game of getting a message out, whether it's for your business, your cause, or yourself. So that means you'll find information on new technology, emerging trends, design, writing, presentations, metrics, and of course, social media. You'll find a little taste of everything. I hope you find it satisfying. Bon appetit!

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